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Adding an extra room or expanding your home is common yet not an easy decision for people. From dolling out big money to accommodate the inconvenience of moving your stuff, homeowners have to consider many factors before hiring a contractor for home additions in Washington, DC.

If you’re uncomfortable living in a cramped space, and mulling over renovation or remodeling home, ABC Design and Build Inc. is a wise choice to make.

Some of the popular home addition recommendations are

  • ● Kitchen
  • ● Patios
  • ● Second-story additions
  • ● Garage additions
  • ● Guest room

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Innovative Home Additions


Construction home additions are a smart solution to add more value to the property without relocating to some other place. Whether you’re extending the existing design or adding an extra room for kids, guests, gyming or any other purpose, our home addition experts have interesting ideas to make a notable transformation.


Functional Excellence + Aesthetical Finesse = Increased Market Value


We transform this formulaic success into reality with the effective collaboration of the finest architects, suppliers, and skilled labor. As a market leader in the region for remodeling or renovating the kitchen, bathroom, basement, patios, or the entire home, we are determined to deliver results as per your unique needs and budgetary constraints.


Learn About Zoning Regulations & Other Considerations For Home Additions In Washington, DC


Home additions in Washington, DC is a highly-regulated industry with three prominent factors dominating your project:


  • ➔ Zoning restrictions
  • ➔ Historic-district preservation guidelines
  • ➔ Shared neighborhood

    There are various companies governing exterior construction such as the Historic Preservation Review Board, the Neighborhood Board, and the Commission of Fine Arts. Thus, it's mandatory to conduct intensive research and determine the feasibility for home additions in Washington, DC.


    Let all your fears rest with ABC Design and Build Inc. providing professional assistance in navigating these often-tedious or exhausting technicalities, and semantics. We make home additions a reasonably comfortable and convenient experience for the clients


    Our Home Addition Design Process Involves


    Initial Project Consultation:

    It’s a crucial step that enables our home addition specialists to identify your exact needs for renovation or remodeling in Washington, DC. Schedule a visit of our designers to your home to have a candid conversation defining your vision for the home.

    Schematic Plan:

    Our architects provide a broad layout defining various structural elements, relationship between different areas and physical resources required for home additions. This includes floor plans, elevations, 3D images etc.

    Final Design:

    Following the detailed discussion with clients and incorporating the suggested changes in the schematic diagram, the design plan is finalized. Some of the changes may happen at the time of construction which will be informed beforehand.

    Pre-Construction Visit:

    This is yet another important visit wherein our partnered electrician, plumbers, carpenters, and other contractors will walk through the home to get a sense of clarity of what’s expected of them in the entire project.

    Finish Vendor Selection:

    MWe have partnered with many local vendors to help find superior quality resources such as tiles, bricks, cement, paint and other material. Quantity, prices, discounts and other essentials are negotiated to determine the final budget.

    Execution Starts

    The final plan will be shared with the on-site team to convey the exact nature of the work. Some of the drawings are technical but ensure the actual construction is refined and as per the plan only! Client can anytime share his or her feedback to make any feasible changes.


    We Promise Great Value On Investment


    We are meticuous in our approach to help you attain your dream home. From conceptualization, designing to actual delivery, our specialists are steadfast in their approach to surpass the client expectations.


    From giving a modern spin to staying traditional, ABC Design and Build Inc. has a proven track of delivering exceptionally designed and built residential and commercial projects of any scale. With due consideration given to existing architecture, proportions, rooflines, materials, and design details, our experts ensure the home additions do not look odd and seamlessly blend in.


    Have a look at some of our projects to get a sense of our caliber as the constructor of home additions in Washington, DC and surrounding regions.


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