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Serving Finished Basements to Alexandria, & Many Other Cities/Counties in Northern VA, Washington DC, and Surrounding Maryland since 1999

ABC Design and Build Inc. is a finished basement contractor serving the needs of homeowners in Alexandria, VA, Fairfax, VA, Northern Virginia and Washington DC


Turning the unused space of an unfinished basement into enjoyable family living space takes a special knack and total understanding of construction principles. Working below the ground to complete a renovation project requires expertise in a number of areas, all of which ABC Design and Build Inc. excels in.


Given our extensive knowledge and rich expertise, we have successfully delivered functional as well as aesthetically pleasant basements to a number of residential clients. Have a look at some of our splendid work in basement remodeling/renovation in Alexandria and other surrounding regions.


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Ensuring your basement is as waterproof as possible is essential to completing a basement that can be enjoyed by the entire family. A basement finishing project provides additional living space, including a bedroom with appropriate considerations made and extra bathrooms to ease congestion on upper floors.


Many homeowners choose to use the finished basement as an entertaining space as well. Turning a portion of a finished basement into a home theater or children’s play room also provides amenities not accommodated on the above-ground floors of the home.


Get innovative ideas to make your property more valuable with basement remodeling services in Alexandria and other cities/counties in Northern VA. Talk to our experts now for free estimates.


Around Washington DC, having a nice basement means additional income from renting. Many Homeowners can recover the entire mortgage from renting out the basement, which is by far, the best investment you can make into your home.No matter the size of the basement or the obstacles that must be overcome, the basement finishing experts at ABC Design and Build Inc. can handle basement remodelling in Alexandria, VA and other parts of Northern VA, Washington, DC

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