Early spring garden and yard tasks


A few early preparations for the spring gardening season will bring benefits all year long. Early spring garden & yard tasks • clear drainage ditches Leaves and debris gather in drainage areas over the winter. Now is the time to ensure that the spring rains will have adequate runoff. Spring seedlings do best in soil which drains […]

How snow affects your home…

Ways to protect your home from the snow. It is more than important to take the right steps to protect your home from the risks associated with heavy snow and ice. Here is what is recommended: 1. Get rid of the snow. Rake as much snow off your roof as possible. That will reduce the […]

Facts about going green!

We all know that we can help our planet by recycling and showering for shorter periods of time, but these facts are actually simple to do, but have a great impact! Lets share and help our planet! 1. If American households went online to view and pay their bills, it would save over 16 million […]

Wondering which home improvement will REALLY pay-off?


Investing in your home might seem a lot at the time of doing it, but think of how that will affect the overall price of the house. According to Remodeling Magazine (www.remodelingmagazine.com) you’re less likely to recoup your investment in a major kitchen or bathroom remodel than you are to get back what you spend […]

How to tell if you need new roof…

It is no-brainer that the roof is one of the most important parts of the house, it protects you and your family from mother nature. Some signs that you need to replace your roof are obvious, like water leaking through multiple places in your ceiling! Other signs are not as apparent and require a more […]

TAXES: Home improvements that qualify as medical expenses…

Improvements that qualify as medical expenses for your taxes Improvements to your home can also be deducted from your income as medical expenses if they are medically necessary. The cost of installing entrance or exit ramps, modifying bathrooms, lowering cabinets, widening doors and hallways and adding handrails, among others, are home improvements that can be […]

Get tax credit for your new roof…

  If you added a heat-efficient metal or asphalt roof to your house, you’ll be better equipped to fight August’s heat. And since the government extended the energy tax credit for existing homes, you may be able to claim the $500 energy tax credit by filing IRS Form 5695 with your return. Tax credit limits and deadlines: 10% of expenditures, […]

Must know before you build your fence…


You can be as creative as you would like when it comes to your home! There are several reasons why you might need a fence: for privacy, for safety (kids or pets), to separate your property from your neighbor, etc. Before you take that step go ahead and read this article, it is helpful:   […]

Advice for building an addition


Thinking of that extra space? or maybe just an entertainment area? Follow these tips before you start the addition. Wish list: Start with a wild idea, of what you want the final project to look like.  Write down your ideas.  Once you’ve made the list, rank the improvements in order of priority. Knowing the end […]