Repelling mosquitoes out of your garden.

Getting rid of mosquitoes Mosquitoes feed on blood humans and pets. They can transfer fatal diseases to pets and human. The most common and deadly disease that they can spread is called an Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that can be caused by viruses. Some of the symptoms […]

Popular projects we do during Summer

During summer many homeowners, spend more time outdoors.  Could be their backyard, front yard, or porch.   The temperate outside during the summer is ideal for doing some outdoor and even indoor home improvement projects. You could even get the entire family to help you out with some easy projects. But since it is the […]

Patio vs. Deck: Difference and cost comparison


  Patio vs. Deck Each one is great for spending time with friends and family, time to relax and bring the grill out.  Most of the time budget is an influential factor, and also how big your space is or the structure of it.  Let us take you through the differences and price comparisons. Patio […]

Water your garden and lawn in the morning, during day or night?

   After reading many reports, posts, expert finds, articles and more here is everything summarized:  The two most basic rules of watering are very simple: Never water ANYTHING in the evening or at the height of the day. SPECIALLY WHEN THE SUN IS UP. Morning is ALWAYS Right. Plants are most receptive to water at this time […]

Shed storage regulations for Northern VA


  I frequently get calls in regards to regulations when it comes to sheds. Most home owners think that since a shed is small that regulations do not apply. However, each county is different, please reference below. Arlington County Setbacks vary depending on: -your zone -the lot size and configuration -the type of dwelling. These […]

Using and maintaining an attic fan


An electric attic fan, or whole-house fan, is an alternative to air conditioning if you don’t want the expense of running your air conditioning unit all summer or don’t have the money to install central air. Attic fans are easy to use as long as they’re installed properly, and there’s easy access to the operating […]

Know before you replace your windows…

  Unless you have owned a house for a number of years, you may never have had any need to know about replacement windows. They are not something that enters your mode of thinking – until it is too late. By that time, rainwater is infiltrating into your house, drafts are blowing, and visitors commenting that […]

Finish your deck like a pro, in 6 easy steps.

Finish Exterior Wood Like a Pro 1 Clean surfaces thoroughly before painting. Stripping existing finishes and removing dirt, dust, mildew, and loose wood fibers improves adhesion. 2 Set nails and screws below the surface, and fill the holes with an exterior-grade wood filler to help keep moisture out. 3 Apply a paintable water-repellent preservative before priming to inhibit mildew and […]

Are whole house generators worth it?


If you are asking yourself i a generator for the house is worth it, keep this in mind: 3.5 million Americans are left without power in any given week, annually many households experience up to five power outages. Power outages can wreak havoc with your home: burst pipes, freezing or sweltering temperatures, loss of lighting, spoiled […]

Best time to replace the siding.

PRICES ARE LOWER IN THE FALL  Most homeowners get quotes for having their siding replaced in spring and summer.  During the hot months pricing tends to go up for siding.  The siding  material is often put on sale in late summer or early fall. Building supply companies want to move out old inventory to make room […]